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Pallet Series

  Metal pallet with galvanized steel or painted steel and steel, 100% environmentally friendly, can be recycled, resources are not wasted. Especially for export, without fumigation, pasteurized or treated with preservatives, in line with the European Union, Canada, the United States enacted on all goods from China into their national legal requirements of packaging materials. Production according to customer requirements, which can be used in various industries for packaging and shipping of goods, especially export trade can show its advantages.

  Waterproof, moisture proof, antirust:

  Metal pallet using unique materials made and meet refrigerated or freezer storage requirements, rust life close to stainless steel. It still not affected in high temperature environments and encounter local circumstances rain.


  Light weight and effortless to use, transportation and more economical. Metal tray is the same specifications as the average weight of wooden pallets 1/3.

  Stable packaging performance:

  Metal tray can be from beginning to end so that your goods packaging to maintain the most stable state.

  100% recovery of both recycling benefits:

  100% of the metal combination design, suitable for the existing recycling system of renewable metals, except for waste disposal without paying any fees, but also bring the price according recovery of operating income.

  Sharp edges sharp corners:

  Reasonably safe design eliminates sharp edges sharp corners, and enhance the body's amiable nature.