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Attic Shelves

  The attic shelves has multi-tiers of long-span shelving racks, it multiplies the utility of the warehouse storage space and keeping the same features of the long-span shelving. The multi-tier racking can be made either by steel structure platforms and long span racking self-supported, normally it can be several tiers ( commonly 2-3 tiers), with walking stairs, handrails and loading gates, etc. It is best for the high-bay warehouse with small goods, manual picking and big storage capacity with many different types, also good for old warehouse renewal, it can improve the storage capacity.


  Attic shelves can improve warehouse space utilization, used for higher warehouse, cargo light, manual access, large storage volume and technological transformation of existing warehouse. Its underlying bearing beam span if reduced, the construction cost can be greatly reduced.

  Design requirements:

  1. Shelf requirements (size, load, etc.).

  2. Warehouse available headroom and lighting equipment.

  3. Lfloor load capacity.

  4 .Way access to goods and logistics orientation.